How helpful are reception staff 94    
How easy get through on phone 59    
How easy to speak to GP on phone 52    
Urgent appointment, seen on same day 70    
How important to book ahead   92% said yes 8% said no
How easy to book ahead 53    
How normally book appointment   50% book in person 50% book on phone
Method preferred to book   75% preferred to book in person 33% would like on line
How quickly seen by specific GP 68    
How rate this 59    
How quickly seen by any GP 88    
How rate this 73    
Waiting time for consultation 64    
How rate this 82    
GP surgery open at convenient times 87    
Which additional times to open   see below  
Prefer to see specific GP   33% yes, 63% no  
How often see/speak that GP 52    
GP gives enough time 76    
GP listens to you 79    
GP explains test/treatment 76    
GP involves you in decisions 78    
GP treats with care 78    
Confidence in GP 83    
Nurse gives enough time 61    
Nurse listens to you 62    
Nurse explains tests/treatment 76    
Nurse involves you in decisions 56    
Nurse treats with care 57    
Confidence in nurse 69    
Patient understands health problems 83    
Patient copes with health problems 81    
Patient keeps healthy 65    
Overall experience 68    
Recommend to another 75    
Preferred alternative opening times      
Before 8am 12%    
Lunchtime 12%    
After 6.30pm 10%    
Saturdays 19%    
Sundays 2%    
The GP Patient Survey
A. Appointment at your GP Surgery
Getting through on the phone
Seeing a Doctor
Arriving for your appointment?
Opening Hours
Seeing a Doctor at the GP Surgery
Seeing a Practice Nurse at the GP Surgery?
Some questions about you
Other Heath Services

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